When I Win

I mentioned before that I’ve teamed up with a woman who has been unbelievably lucky at the lottery. She’s won mid-level prizes in the past year which include a scratch for $10,000. It’s uncanny how often, and how much, she wins.

So I offered to go in with her. I’d pay the same amount as she would and we would split the prizes. I started off by giving her $20. I figured that we would play a few times a week and go from there. In total, I believe that since we started doing this at the end of January I’ve given her an out-of-pocket total of $60 – far more than I should be giving out.

As I think while sitting here, I am unable to come up with the total amount that we have won. But I can tell you that the two largest tickets that we’ve hit on are a $1,000 ticket and two $500 tickets! In between we’ve been playing constantly – daily … with money that we’ve won! Each and every day we win between $20 – $100 dollars. Each day! And we continue to play every day – with money that we keep winning!

When the amount of the daily winnings get to about $75 or so, we play smart. Half of the winnings gets split between the two of us, and we play the other half. So, for instance, two days ago we won $110, we split $60 between us, $30 apiece, and played the remaining $50. Every day I’m getting cash amounts ranging from $20 to $75 or so handed to me. Cash. Cash that I put away in a safe. A dollar amount that is large enough for me to pay cash for two items that I’ve long lusted after. A large screen TV to replace the old one that was given to me (which sports in the upper left hand corner a permanent splash of green from the aging picture tube), and a new computer to replace the one I use now that is slow, painfully slow.

She keeps saying that we are about to win a large amount. A really large amount. I’m excited within reason of course, but I occasionally let my mind wander.

People often ask each other what they would do if they ever won ‘the big one’. I already know what I’d do.

Maybe I don’t think large enough. Or maybe I’m simply not the type for extravagance. After all, I’d still be alone. Who would I celebrate with? More importantly, how far would I go in celebrating anyway? I’m an affable man, but naturally reticent about my personal life. I would keep the winning a secret and keeping secrets is easy for me. And though I honestly believe that money can’t buy happiness, I strongly believe that money makes life easier. Let me lay out how I would make life easier for me.

I’d first visit my divorce attorney. She’s a tough, no-nonsense, tenacious lawyer that I still thank for the many, many divorce clauses which I didn’t realize at the time, but gave me so much in the end in terms of forcing my ex pay her own health insurance, many, many days during the week to see my children, whole vacation weeks with the children and the fact that the ex can never come back to me for alimony at anytime in the future. I was so grateful for her outstanding (though very expensive) services that I sent her a card expressing my thanks and she sent one back in return.

I’d first ask her to refer to me a lawyer with expertise in handling large amounts of money for clients. And a tax attorney. And a financial planner. In this way I’d ensure that my money would be there for the future.

I would then hire her to represent me in court again. I would want to go to court to obtain co-physical and co-legal custody of my children. That would give me true co-parenting rights, enforced by law, because I am never kept in the loop about doctor visits, school meetings and the multiple day-to-day items that are never passed on until after they happen. I would know when they go somewhere for a long weekend well in advance and there would be no more of the upsetting and heartbreaking news of them leaving when I can not even be involved in the planning or notification. I’d be a family man again! I can not correct this issue without money. Yes, I have rights, but only to the degree that I can afford them.

My big material purchase would be a home. A home large enough that my children could have, for the first time ever, a room of their own. None of them have ever had their own sizeable room and they constantly fight over it. But, in the home I have for them, there would be a sense of privacy that they’ve never known. A place where they, in their developing teenaged years, could have sanctuary that is so important at their age. I would move to where they are now in order to keep them in the same schools – I want them to have that consistency. Then, once more, I would know the joy of making them breakfast, making sure they brushed their teeth and watch them as the step onto the bus. I would be there for homework assignments, after school snacks and have physical contact with parents of their friends.

If the amount were large enough, I’d quit working full-time but continue to work on a per diem basis in order to keep my license.

I would then enroll full-time in school and get my degree. It’s a pride thing for me and I’m determined to get it. It would also be a great lesson for my kids. After my degree, I’d work in the job, my dream job, that I’ve always coveted and that I slowly crawl towards now. Don’t get me wrong, crawling toward my goal is fine, but I would achieve that goal much sooner.

As for the rest, I’m not sure. I’m not the wearing gold jewelry kind of guy, I may be the only male on the planet with zero knowledge of, or interest in, cars, I’ve no interest in sailing around the world and like I said earlier, I believe that money will not bring me happiness – money would just make my life easier.

I would certainly take advantage of taking my kids with me on the weeks of school vacations. I can’t take advantage of that now because I have to work during those weeks. No professional who has a full-time job can take those three weeks off – the week-long vacations during Christmas, February vacation and May vacation because then I would lose the option of summer vacation with them. The options are there, but what good are they if I can’t take advantage of them? Perhaps a cruise to the islands would be something I’d choose? It would make a memory for them that would last a lifetime. And it would be with Dad.

Now, that’s what I call winning ‘the big one’!

Not bad for a $60 investment, huh?

  1. 03/10/2011 at 6:20 PM

    Not bad at all! I hope you win the big one 🙂 Great choices for purchases too.

    • 03/10/2011 at 6:33 PM

      I have no doubt that I will. Mostly, it would bring supreme satisfaction, dreamy comfort and bright elation to have major time with my children again. Again, for me, that would be my version of winning ‘the big one’!

  2. 03/12/2011 at 12:35 AM

    Wow – has does one get in on the deal you have with the winning woman? ha ha. I buy $10 of lottery tickets every Friday. Every. Friday. I win little amounts here and there, but what I like most about it, is that it allows me a 24 hour period to dream about what I would do with the winnings. From 8am on Friday until 10am on Saturday when I check to see if I’ve won, I’m imaging what I’d be able to do for family and friends, I’m planning holidays and deciding where in the world I’d like to buy a property or two. Continued luck!

  3. 03/12/2011 at 5:41 AM

    It’s nice to dream about it, right? All I’d really want (if I had to trim the list) is enough to buy a home. Then I could have my kids!!!

    Although, I’ve always had this fantasy, since I was a kid, of having a fire pole, staring from the attic down, though the middle of the house, that would end in a pool. You could wake up, slide down the pole and land in a warm pool!

    Well, I’ve just received another $45 dollars tonight to put in the safe toward that fire pole!

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