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Tenacious Me (cont.)

This is a continuation of the situation that I began with the last post. You can read from the beginning if you choose.

I left the Verizon store with the amount it would take me to cancel my remaining contract, red-faced (I’m sure of that) but without having said anything rude (key point to remember) and with the main Customer Support number.

Last Wednesday it had snowed here – again! So I was in the middle of the parking lot with perhaps only a dozen other cars around me, most which had to have belonged to the very crew that had just denied me satisfaction. I opened my car door, pressed the flat screen digits as best as I could (despite the darkened and segmented keypad on the cell phone) the waited for Customer Support.

I encountered the expected maze of pre-recorded instructions telling me to dial ‘1’ for this, or ‘2’ for that and warning me to not choose before hearing the whole list of options because the menu had been changed. As the minutes wore on I finally received a live person! I’m trying to remember, but I believe that his name was ‘Ed’. At least that’s what I’ll call him.

I rolled out, yet again, and perhaps for the fifth time, what the issue was with my phone – the colored lights that began last week, the black, thick line recently appearing, the lightning bolt line that came suddenly, my inability to read messages or make out who was calling, the difficulty dialing and how the phone was not dropped, immersed or had been unnaturally stressed. After Ed acknowledged and repeated to me what he believed my issue was, and me verifying the information, I then relayed to Ed what had just transpired in the Verizon store – the humiliation of signing in despite being the only person in that department with four other employees looking me over, the curt and unprofessional manner in which the representative handled my issue, the extraordinarily long wait time it took for a supervisor to appear from the back room, the way the supervisor cut me off and told me that there was nothing she could do and that I had to buy a new phone, the other employees simply sitting there and staring at me, the lone customer, and the fact that I had to leave the store and call customer support at all!

Coincidentally, directly across the street, there was a T-Mobile outlet. With plenty of parking also. I mentioned the fact to him that if my issue couldn’t be solved, I was so ready to just say ‘the heck with it’, buy out my contract and switch for good!

He did something that showed me that there are representatives that are willing to work in order to retain your business – he apologized for all of Verizon at the rude manner in which I was treated in the store and made it clear that he would work with me to do anything within his power to correct the wrongdoings and have me walk away pleased, and still a Verizon customer.

Ed did all this:

  • Took down all the information about the store location, the supervisor’s name, the particulars surrounding my experience and the fact that as I was speaking to him, about the eight employees who were gathered at the widow and peering out at me. I played up the humiliation factor to the nth degree.
  • He gave me his word that I would be treated as the only customer that mattered, and he kept his word.
  • He brought up my record and saw the many, many times that I had called looking for resolution to other issues and voiced that he knew that I was a valued customer
  • He put me on hold a few times (each time he was even more profusely apologetic) in order to speak to an immediate supervisor for guidance or to ask a question or two
  • He told me that he was unable to give me a free phone. That was a huge letdown. Again, it came down to my contract – that I still had over a year left and did not have phone insurance. That was a huge source of anger for me – why have insurance for a brand new phone? Shouldn’t it work for the duration of the contract?
  • However, he did have a solution of sorts. He asked me if I still had my old phone, the phone previous to the LG Chocolate Touch that I used. Indeed, I did. He then walked me, step by step, through a process whereby I would be able to activate my old phone, which worked great by the way, and ride out a few more months of my contract and get a free replacement closer to Fall 2011.
  • For my troubles, he offered me many extras such as a free case for the old phone that had an attached belt-clip.

For all that I had been through, for all the time in the store, the beat-down from the store employees, the store employees still peering out at me most likely thinking that I’ll be walking in at any moment when Customer Service shoots me down, being on the phone with Customer Service for as long as I was and most importantly, I was using a phone that was slowly cracking even more – causing the screen to be more unusable as each moment passed. I was sure that in a matter of hours, I wouldn’t be able to use the phone at all. And honestly, I couldn’t afford to spend the $130 to terminate my contract and then spend more money to activate a phone with another carrier.

I simply had no choice at that point but to agree to what Ed was suggesting, because at that moment, it made sense to at least have a cell phone that worked.

I drove home, signed on to the Verizon web site, backed up my useless phone (made all the harder by not being able to fully see all that was being displayed on the quickly disappearing screen), powered up my old phone and clicked the online button to activate my old phone as my current phone.

At least I did have a phone. Granted, not as fancy as my LG, but a phone nonetheless.

However, as the title of these posts suggest, I wasn’t satisfied. I was determined that this issue was not over until I was satisfied fully. This issue was far from being over. I would get what I felt I deserved.

This is not the end of the story. Yet again, I must continue this onto another post within the next day or so. I have so many action items to accomplish today (how business-like, eh?) that I have to cut this saga short and I apologize for that.

But, hopefully, you are getting an emerging theme point here – do not give up no matter what you go through.

As most others will.

As you’ll see when I finish this story, the reward will be better then you believe it could be.

Addendum: As of tonight, a little past midnight, I will have saved $157.50!

  1. 02/07/2011 at 3:47 PM

    Wow, I am glad it came to a resolution, even though a very frustrating one, still. Glad “Ed” was so helpful. There just aren’t many that ARE willing to go the extra step.

    • 02/07/2011 at 4:30 PM

      Well, the resolution is just a temporary one and I’ll explain the rest of the story later.

      I just have so very much to do and honestly, I wouldn’t mind sitting here and writing the rest out, but I promised myself other things will be worked on …

      Thanks for coming over.

  2. 02/08/2011 at 3:17 AM

    I wonder if the manager you deal with in the store will be reprimanded at all. Your story made me think of the TV show, “Undercover Boss”. Looking forward to the end of the story! And yay for the savings of due to the breaking of your habit! You should treat yourself to something. Continued success my friend!

    • 02/08/2011 at 5:11 AM

      I’m sure that the so-called manager of the store will be ‘talked to’. I will reveal why in the last installment.

      And yes, I will treat myself to something because of my savings! I’m not sure what, but something will rear its head. And thank you for your well wishes.

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