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The Pot Is Simmering

What a few days it’s been!

While out on the road Friday early afternoon, I received a call on my cell. I didn’t recognize the number but seeming as I’m out looking for a job, I can ill afford to ignore a call.

I answered and a woman asked for me, we exchanged pleasantries and she told me that as she was looking through applications, mine stuck out because of my particular niche in the industry. My heart bounded higher than the nine lords a-leaping! She asked if she could set up an interview at some point and I told her that I could do it right now! She was a bit surprised but agreed. So off I drove to the facility while clutching my rosary and praying feverishly.

It’s a larger facility than the one that I have just left, but immaculate, warm and filled with activity. Much to my surprise we talked for over an hour! It went both ways – her asking me pertinent questions, and me asking what I felt was needed to ask about the building. After the interview, and after I drove away, I had to spontaneously yell in jubilation out of pure excitement over how well it went!

Shortly after I came back home, I received another call from her. She asked if I had a formal resume and could I come back Monday for a second interview and meet with someone else as well? Of course to both!

Needless to say, the weekend was brimming over with excitement, which I could barely contain, and I constantly went over in my head as to how else I could rightly bolster my qualifications and best prepare for Monday’s huge event. I wanted to anticipate, as best as I could, what questions might be asked and have ready answers.

Friday night I picked up my children (oldest was reluctant because of wanting to hang out with his friends) and alternated my time between keeping them well-loved and busy, and anxiously going over in my head how I needed to prepare.

Reaquainted girlfriend, again, came to my aid. We brought ourselves, and our combined children, together at her home on Sunday so I could work a bit more on my resume and print it out for Monday.  By the way, I made an awesome tasting blueberry pie!

Sunday night, after my little ones (little ones?) were picked up, she came over to my place and we talked over possible interview questions, situations and possible answers. It really helped me a lot to formulate potential questions, mull over possible answers and to talk them over out loud. What a session.

I went to bed earlier than usual to insure that I would be at my best. I woke up this morning, drank my usual cups of tea, ironed a clean shirt, showered, cleaned-up and drove away to the second interview.

I was greeted by the person who interviewed me on Friday and was introduced to the new person – who turned out to be the regional manager who oversees all the positions like mine in all the buildings! What a workout at the interview! She drilled down deep – very deep, into all types of situations; ‘What would you do if …’ questions, ‘Tell me why exactly you left your last position …’ questions, ‘In any building there are those types of occurences …’ questions. I have to admit that even though I was (I felt) well prepared, her questions had a tendency to keep me slightly off-balance and I found myself having to rephrase and constantly reassure and justify my answers. Though it was nerve-wracking, I actually respect her line of questioning and her comments and I knew right there that I wanted to work with someone of that level – think of what I can absorb!

She did not stop at any specific point though. Her questioning was non-stop, direct and frank, applying why I left my last position to how I might react to their current building situation as it stands now. Highly intelligent, focused and relentless. At times I felt as if I may have faltered somewhat but at other times I felt that my confidence, skill set, honesty and general aplomb came through.

The interview ended with me asking my own set of questions about the company itself, the direction that it is taking, specifics about my duties and how I feel I can greatly contribute. She mentioned that she will be calling my references – even though before my first interview, my direct boss had already covered that, and it made me a little nervous. Even though we parted very amicably, I wonder just how deep and thoroughly she will want to professionally pry and ask my former employers to divulge?

A lot is riding on this, dear reader. This would be, I feel, an extreme notching up of my position that will push my skills, at all levels, to an upper stratosphere that I haven’t previously visited. But, in all honesty, I welcome it. Complacency in any position can be detrimental. I need to be pushed further and I know that the new position will do just that – and more! I want this position with passion!

I was told aside, by my first interviewer, my immediate boss, that she would call me later.

So, good thoughts out there for me, right?

Update, 4:10PM – I received a call. I didn’t get it.

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