Isolated Oasis Found

Usually, I have a specific need to write something down before I come here to blog. Today is a day where I find myself so full of new thoughts – on a precipice between despair and hope that I can’t quite fill into a theme, a title, of where I am and what I feel right now.

Granted, I’ve been a total ‘downer’ since I’ve started writing. I’ve gushed and droned about my misfortunes, my ugly situation and the tar-black feeling I have about my life and indeed, about myself. I been entwined in thick silt made up of guilt, sadness, my life, my divorce, unemployment and my children.

However, call it by grace of God, call it happenstance, call it whatever you will, but in the last few days I’ve stumbled on blogs that, though not close enough to my situation to have me relate totally to them, the few that I’ve read (including their past historical posts) have helped to (dare I say) inspire me to pick up a foot and tenuously place it in front of me believing that it will turn out alright.

Most are blogs concerning moving forward after divorce written by women. Some are just plain happy, uplifting and brimming with confidence. Though there are blogs written by post-divorce men, most of them don’t seem to be able to reach beyond the ‘macho-hype’ that we’re all so used to as males – at least the few that I’ve seen so far. Although, I’m sure that it could be that I’m needing more soul-comfort than gender specific comfort, the woman who write post-divorce blogs have more of the emotional latitude and gut feelings that I need to feel for right now.

But, then again, of those blogs that I’ve stumbled on that are written by women, none seem to be close to my circumstance or age – I’m older. But, like it is when you randomly spill your guts to a stranger, I’ll take comfort where it is found. There are a few in particular that I’ve been reading recently. These are the ‘logs in the water’ that I’ve clung to right away. I’m sure I’ll find many more as I hop from link to link.

As I said, they seem to be mostly women, younger, with or without children, and a smattering of blogs from men writing about divorce.

 Though it’s been two years since my own divorce, I realize that I still have multiple, unresolved issues revolving around guilt, anger, letting go, children and moving forward toward a life filled with quality, fulfillment and joy. The posts from these blogs at least had material that caught my eye, engaged my intellect and held a few of life’s similarities to my own. However narrow the situation to mine, I have found a small oasis amid myself.

For giving sight to the blind – no matter how different I am from them, I am giving profound thanks.

All nudges to links that you feel I may enjoy are also gratefully appreciated. Any suggestions?

  1. 11/26/2010 at 7:28 PM

    Thank you for the shout-out! Sending positive vibes your way…

  2. 11/26/2010 at 8:53 PM

    Wow, a comment! Not a ping!

    I don’t even know how you would know that I wrote this, but I want to say, no – the thanks are from me to you. Reading a good part of your blog has given me hope that things will get better, and some much needed courage to force myself to straighten it out with determination.

    And thank you for the positive vibes – I take them with gratitude.

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